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  • Yes… Ashiatsu is covered by massage benefits!

    As of May 2013, Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy is recognized by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario as a Registered Massage Therapy modality.  If you have medical insurance or benefits that cover massage therapy, Ashiatsu will be included!

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  • New Ottawa Location in Hintonburg – New clients welcome!

    Located in the heart of Hintonburg (click for map), NRG Medicine Massage Therapy is now offering all RMT services to Ottawa clients two weeks per month! Accepting new clients now - Click here to view available Ottawa dates & to book an appointment online.

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  • Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy Training in Canada

    Nicole is currently taking a sabbatical from teaching. Effective October 27, 2014 she is no longer offering barefoot massage training through AOBT.  She will continue to represent Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy in Ontario (and Canada) through her private Massage Therapy practice. Click here to be added to our mailing list & receive updates.

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  • New Toronto Location hours are available!

    Our new RMT Elissa Radocchia is now offering additional availability at our Toronto location on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays. Click here to view her availability & book online.

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Ashiatsu - Registered Massage Therapy like you've never experienced it before!


- Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy ® -

Ashiatsu means “foot pressure” in Japanese. Barefoot massage also has many other names depending on its country of origin.  A fusion of several traditional forms of barefoot massage adapted to North American standards has been created and continues to evolve.  Ashiatsu has only recently become recognized in Canada as an RMT modality. To read more, click here.

To watch video, click here.


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Gift Certificates

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Gift certificates for massage therapy services of any duration are available upon request.  

To request a gift certificate, click here.


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Online Booking

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Online Booking for any duration of massage service is available 24/7, for both Toronto and Ottawa clinic locations. New Toronto location hours are available with Elissa Radocchia, RMT on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

To book an appointment, click here.







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Nicole Ramien practices as a Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto & Ottawa. She was an Honors graduate of ICT Kikkawa College and was the first fully certified AOBT (Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy) Therapist in the GTA.  She completed the instructor certification program, becoming the first Canadian RMT to be able to offer barefoot massage training to RMTs in Canada.  Effective October 27, 2014 she is no longer offering training through AOBT.  She is continuing to represent barefoot massage in Ontario (and Canada) through her private Massage Therapy practice.

Nicole received degrees from both McGill University and the Panamerican School of Natural Medicine. She began her health care career as a Baccalaureate Registered Nurse with hospital experience in Hematology-Oncology, as well as practicing Naturopathic Medicine as an intern at several clinics around the world. Nicole has completed the AFCI designation, enabling her to use Anatomical Acupuncture to proficiently treat chronic pain and several other medical concerns, in addition to using nutritional supplementation regimes to promote her clients optimal health. Nicole’s passion is to selectively combine the various elements of her training, to create an individualized and effective approach to each client case that she sees, achieving an inspired and holistic practice that ensures the client leaves feeling satisfied that their issues have been addressed.


If you have any trouble booking or for additional information, please call (647) 938-0884 or email us at

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Nicole will be unavailable until March 3rd!

Please note that Nicole will on her Honeymoon vacation to Nicaragua until March 3rd and will not have regular access

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Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy Training in Canada

Nicole Ramien is currently taking a sabbatical from teaching.  Effective October 27, 2014 she is no longer offering training through

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Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy Training Video

To watch Nicole instructing an Ashiatsu Barefoot class click here to VIEW YOUTUBE VIDEO!